Application Template and Information

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Application Template and Information

Post by Sect on Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:30 am

The following are our requirements that must be met to join ༺ψ༻.  

  • Must know how splitrun
  • Must know how to virus split
  • Must use AgarPlus
  • Must have been one of the top ten in an server
  • Must be able to play on an American server
  • Must be active on the site & chat, participating in forum topics and creating your own
  • Must use a microphone or headset
  • Can NOT be in any other clans
  • Can NOT use any bots, or other forms of cheating in

If you don't meet these requirements, you will be instantly denied. Also, be prepared to answer questions that༺ψ༻ members will have related to your application.  

So why do you ask all this of you? Because when submitting an application, we want to see attention to detail. When being tested, we want to see skill. See, we as a clan want perfection, and if you can't have perfection in something as simple as an application, why would we let you in the clan?

This is the application you must fill out in order to join the clan. In order to submit your application, create a topic with your username and #1 after it.

Example: Sect #1 If you have 3 applications, you would name your topic like this: Sect #3

To submit an application, copy and paste the Application Template into your own New Topic and fill it out.

Remember, you are not in the clan if you are accepted, you still have to be tested and voted.

Application Template

1. IGN:

1b. FaceBook Lvl:

2. Are you currently in a clan?

2c. Why did you decide to join us, instead of staying your previous clans?:

3. Were you recruited by anyone?

3b. Who recruited you?

4. Why do you want to join ༺ψ༻?:

5. Do you know any of our clan members?:

6. What skills do you have that could apply to us?:

7. How active are you on

8. What region do you usually play in?:

9. How do you play (Any specific playing styles?):

9b. Do you know anything related to making videos or logos?

10. Do you know how to set up bait?

11. Do you know how to splitrun?

12. Do you know how to virus split?

13. What is one of the quickest ways you know how to get mass?

14. Do you use AgarPlus?

14b. Do you use a microphone or headset?

14c. Do you use bots for free mass?

15. Comments/concerns:


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